New City Hall
Álora, 2018, first prize.

Garden “Roman de la Rose”
2017, 8th Garden International Festival, Allariz, Orense, selected.

Refurbishment of “tinglado 4”
Pier España, Ceuta, 2016, honorable mention.

Regeneration of public spaces of the historic Arrabal del Castillo
2016, Álora, Málaga, First Prize.

The Cloud of the palace
Granada, 2015 International Landscape award Rosa Barba, 9th Landscape Biennial, Barcelona, selected.

Solar Decathlon Europe. Andalucía Team · Project Patio 2.12.
Madrid 2012.

Design of the external and chill out area. Learning from water
Prizes: 2nd FINAL AWARD SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE 2012 / 1st Award in Communication and Social Awareness / 1st Award in Energy Efficiency / 1st Award in Energy Electric Balance / 1st Award in Public’s Favourite / 2nd Award in Sustainability / 2nd Award of the Green Building Council / 2nd Award in Innovation / 3rd Award in Engineering and Construction

Civil Engineers Official Institution in Andalousia (CICCP)
Granada. 2010. Finalist

Popular University equipment
Jaén. 2003. FIRST PRIZE. VIII PRIZE “Andres de Vandelvira”. Category: New Building. 2010. Official architects Insttitution of Jaén.

Public space for events and gardens “FORUM de NEGOCIOS”
Granada. 2008. 6TH Rosa Barba European Landscape Award. Selected.

Charming Hotel in Fuente del Rey
Jaén. 2005. VIII Prize “Andres de Vandelvira”. Category: REFURBISHED BUILDING. 2010. Official architects Institution of Jaén.

Landscape restoration of the “GROTTES of HÉRCULES”
Tangier. Morocco. 2007. First prize.

12 Public Dwellings
Lubrín. Almería. 2006. First prize.

8 Public Dwellings
Baeza. Jaén. 2006. First prize.

Lawyer’s Main Regional Association
Granada. 2005. First prize.

Wood and Furniture Research Center
Lucena (Córdoba). 2002. 1st Accesit.

House for Artists in Jaén
2002. 1st Accesit.

Notary’s office
Granada. 2001. Interior Design Prize 2002. Architects Official Institution. Granada

Environment Andalousian Center (CEAMA)
Granada. 1999. First prize.

Church in “Bola de Oro” Quarter 
Granada. 1998. 1st Accesit.

Church in “Zaidin” Quarter
Granada. 1998. 1st Accesit.

International award “RELATHIONSHIP between La ALHAMBRA and the city of GRANADA”
1999. 1st Accesit.